Hi friend,

In the same way I’ve always considered my personal blog to be my “writing home”—I suppose I envision this new Substack to be a bit of an add-on, like when you suddenly outgrow your space (cough, cough, Instagram), and decide to add a sunroom off the back.

For now, this Substack is somewhat experimental for me. I’ve been sharing my writing online since 2009 across multiple platforms, and I’m starting to dream about simplifying and consolidating in the future. Read more in my welcome letter here.

Other places you can find me online:

I write about motherhood at Coffee + Crumbs.

I don’t practice photography as much these days, simply due to lack of time and bandwidth, but I do still take on a handful of photo shoots a year. Here’s my online portfolio.

And, well, I am still on Instagram for now. You can follow me @ashleegadd.

Thanks for being here. I’m thrilled to have another option to share my writing alongside fellow writers and readers. ❤️

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Approaching midlife with grace, humor, and the occasional existential crisis. Mostly lyrical essays and link roundups.


Mother. Writer. Popcorn enthusiast. Mostly writing about the intersection of motherhood, faith, and creativity. Founder of Coffee + Crumbs / author of Create Anyway.